Spartacus the gladiator

spartacus the gladiator

"Gritty, passionate and violent, this thrilling book is a real page-turner and a damn good read. It brings Spartacus ―and ancient Rome―to vivid, colorful life. Spartacus summary: Spartacus was a Thracian gladiator. Little is known about his life before he became one of the slave leaders in the Third. Discover facts about Spartacus, the Roman slave and gladiator. Find out why he has become a modern-day inspirational figure.

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Spartacus Gods of the Arena - Gannicus Vs 2 Gladiators Most Read Today A Monumental Cover Up? Spartacus finds things have changed in his absence though and the current ruler of Thrace recognizes Spartacus as a threat and sells him to a man looking to purchase slaves for a Gladiator school. This results in her being big mama games by some of the nastier elements in the slave army, and horribly raped and killed. If spartacus the gladiator already have an account, sign in. Replies to my comment. Spartacus the Gladiator is a brilliant retelling of a story we've all heard before, but can't seem to get enough of. May 02, Sean Buckridge rated it really liked it. spartacus the gladiator Queen Zenobia of Palmyra has turned her Roman-trained casual games list against her former masters and the once invincible legions have been crushed. Artikel zum Film Spartacus. But Spartacus the Gladiator stands on its own, and in the end proves to be a bloody good read! Notoriously tough and highly skilled, the gladiators surging toward Rome had little to lose. The Roman and the remnants of his column were brought to bay and slaughtered. Michael Praed is a well-known and professional narrator with a pleasing voice and a good range — although, apologies to Mr Praed, female voices are never going to be his strong suit. Spartacus dient als Paradebeispiel des Klassenkämpfers in der Antike.

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He plots revenge on the current king, but winds up being captured and sold to a gladiator training camp. Doch ihre Flucht hatte inzwischen eine bemerkenswerte Eigendynamik gewonnen. Unable to add item to List. Although Spartacus is the lead and hero, i have an incredible soft spot for young Roman, Carbo, and i cannot wait to see where his story leads in the next installment. Spartakus gestorben 71 v. Sorry, there was a problem. Again, perhaps just my bloodthirsty tendencies showing through. Most people are familiar with the creation of Adam and Eve in the Book of Genesis. Doch ihre Flucht hatte inzwischen eine bemerkenswerte Eigendynamik gewonnen. This book certainly has a more gritty Spartacus than the legendary Howard Fast novel but is let down by occasional weak dialogue. He may have even entertained the idea of raiding Rome, the source of enslavement of so many peoples. The constant reference of Ariadne as Spartacus' wife was puzzling to me since there was no formal ceremony making this so. He desperately searched for some other means to transport his army but could not devise one. In the ensuing melee, many of the legionaries were slain, and hundreds of others broke rank and fled. No trivia or quizzes yet. I would have preferred a more human, emotional telling of the story, but that is just my opinion. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. His story was about an ex-legionary who staked his entire future on a gl 4 magnificent stars! Crassus, the richest man in Rome, begins to raise a formidable army, tasked specifically with the defeat of Spartacus. Ariadne follows him and what many readers don't realize is that women sometime did follow their men into this type of captivity. TruthBTold wrote on 19 March, - Most of what we read here happened and most of the significant characters are based in reality too, but as always the author knows his stuff and sucks us in to a very entertaining historical romp, with at least one book to follow. Der Senat hatte inzwischen Crassus das Kommando über acht Legionen erteilt, mit dem Auftrag, die Rebellenarmee zu vernichten. There's so much heart in these books, I can see Mr Kane's devotion to the legend on every page.

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